Nearly there…

This time next week I’ll be on my flight to Australia. First ever time flying by myself and I’m already planning to scan my surroundings for the most motherly, friendly figure there and adopt her as my plane mum. She can confirm I’m getting on the right connecting plane, make sure I don’t forget my carry-on, cut up my plane food… (Maybe not the last one, but my independence needed an ego-boost)

Getting the boring stuff out of the way: I’m 20, in my second year doing English Literature at University of East Anglia and I’m going to Monash University in Melbourne for a semester, Feb-June. I basically plan to talk about student life in a different country, travelling around Australia (and hopefully places surrounding Oz) and putting up pictures etc.

Sorting and organising going to Australia was stressful and annoying. Mainly annoying for the people who were ambushed with my Facebook status and Twitter updates on the progress. Acceptance letters, booked flights, Visa sorted, opening an Aussie bank account. They’re all done and I’m proud, but there’s one vitally important thing I started but, to my extreme regret, never completed… get a summer body. This may seem trivial, but I’m starting with a disadvantage: I’ll be paler than the Aussie students, I won’t have just come back from summer holidays and be a toned, tanned, blonde, pro-surfer bombshell like the rest of them! Stereotyping, yes, but we have to face facts here; I have to step awaaaay from the chocolate. After I finish my last bit of Galaxy Cookie Crumble though.

At the moment I’m more scared than excited. I’m scared because I’ll miss my family and my friends and talking to them whenever I want to. I’m excited because Australia’s a country I love (having been there once before to visit my sister who lived in Sydney for a year) and I’ll be in halls at Monash – pretty much a fresher again.

Scared: never done anything like this before and have to completely rely on myself. Something I can’t say I’m used to.

Excited: making new friends and experiencing a new way of living will be fun.

This is it for my first blog post. The next one will be when I’m in Australia and hopefully a little bit less pale and a little more sun-kissed.

Kirsten :)

Oh, I’d also like to point out that despite what appears to be an intense love of chocolate mentioned earlier, I’m not obese or addicted to chocolate.

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