To spoon or not to spoon

I’ve done a bit of reflecting recently – what travelling to do, missing people back home, the difference in culture/behaviour here in Australia and whether there’s any point to me buying a spoon or a frying pan. There isn’t; sharing is caring ;)


This will be a short post that I’m starting at 2am after 3 people have just left my room after hours of talking about very trivial things, then pretty deep conversations. I had always hoped before I left England and knew I was doing 5/6 months in Australia that I would come back a bit different. If I’m perfectly honest, I mainly hoped this would mean coming back more tanned, longer/blonder hair, with a twang of an Aussie accent, i.e irresistible. I still want that. Working progress.


I hate how soppy this sounds (and people who know me well know I hate cringy and cheesy things), but it’s late night talks in peoples rooms like I’ve just come away from that make me love just how much variety there is in the people here. I started out talking to a Canadian girl, a Dutch girl and an Australian guy (before the Dutch girl went and an Aussie girl arrived) and I realised just how much I’m learning from all these different people. Like in tolerance, attitude, and not sweating the small stuff. And this is only the start of it. There’s so much more of it yet to come, and I really love that.


I basically wanted to get down how I felt in the least cheesy way possible (it could have been worse), but still showing my appreciation when it was ‘fresh’. Of course, this could all be my tiredness talking and tomorrow I’ll wake up a grumpy and judgemental British girl!


Even so, it will be nice to have captured the moment of a very chilled out and excited-for-the-future version of me. Yay.


  • Kathryn says:

    Yay! I like it. I agree whole heartily save for the fact it sounded cheesy (but that may be because I feel the same way) and good on you for not making your recent posts just a series of pictures (like some people I know). <3

    • kpowley says:

      I loved the pictures! And you’ve been so much better with updating your blog – even including your amazing video. I think I tried too hard to stay away from cheese, but I knew you’d understand ;)

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