Food and drink is my procrastination

Second blog post of the day! ON A ROLL.

This one will be a general one. Great Ocean Road blog post will be next, and I’m going to have to summon more enthusiasm for that one, seeing as it was amazing.

I’m not sure if you knew, but I’m actually here at a university. Monash University is pretty good, I’m still fairly skilled at getting lost. Australians seem a lot more relaxed in lectures – this worries me slightly. Is this just what they’re like, or do they not actually know what they’re doing?

I’m going to give you a very brief (any longer and it will bore you, but it’ll bore me so much more) overview of what modules (‘units’ over here) I’m doing while out here:

Roots of Fantasy: Yes, I was attracted by the word ‘fantasy’. Basically fiction things, like Harry Potter but not Harry Potter. The effects of creating new worlds/realms. Just finished my essay on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Can’t complain with a bit of Shakespeare.

Australian Literature: This really does explain itself. Things that Aussies write. Analyse it. What makes it Australian? (Answer: I don’t know, I’m not Australian)

Writing Lives: It’s about autobiography/biography and the way it’s written and what we expect in terms of ‘truth’ of a ‘true’ story.

Power, knowledge, Aborigines: from representation to reality: How Australians treat/have treated Indigenous people, the effect that has on them, the laws they’re placed under and what their culture really is.

In other news, food. I’ve already put up the picture of the kangaroo steak I had with my parents. But below is a picture of a chicken and leek pie me, Rachel and James (the English people) made – and it does indeed have a penis on it from the leftover pastry. We’re still students, immaturity has a habit of kicking in ;)

Last Wednesday, a bunch of us went to St Kilda for the day. It was me, Kathryn (Canadian), Frankie (American), Milan (Dutch), Hayley (Australian. Well, lives in Hong Kong) and Kim (Dutch). We shopped, went to the beach, and then went to a beautiful cake shop. It was amazing. I love St Kilda and want to move there. The thing that would make it absolutely perfect is if it was a surfing beach (damn that bay!)


Last, Jungle Juice. Frankie claims this is a big thing in America (or at least Massachusetts, I can’t remember) and it’s a concoction full of vodka, beer, and some sort of raspberry and orange juice or something. It got mixed reviews, but it was fun making it and I thought it was alright.


(Sorry Kathryn, there’s a possibility I may have pinched your jungle juice photos!)


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