What? Australia isn’t always hot?!

Melbourne has frozen over. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s 16 degrees and I haven’t felt this cold in a while. I understand that all you Englishmen/women will hate me a little bit for saying this, and I’m going to go ahead and join you in that. I’ve lost my ability to cope with the cold and have instead taken on a terrible Australian habit: to feel cold and wear jeans, hoodies and coats at the slightest of temperature drops. Ashamed is what I am. Ashamed to call myself a Londoner, powering through the wind, the rain, the sleet and the hail.

Ok, I’ll stop with the dramatics now. Although it is cold and I’m glad that when I’ll be going back to the UK, it’ll be summer! Hopefully at its warm stages.

University work has been piling on lately. It’s week 9, and I finish in week 12. A presentation, two 3,000 word essays and two in-class tests to go. I’m pretty lucky to have nothing in the actual exam period, so I have the whole of June off. The downside is that people in Halls will get sick of me constantly wanting to go out and do something – I will be the little kid jumping up and down, poking my friends, chanting “Can we do something? Can we do something? Can we do something?” But with the crucial difference that the ‘something’ I’m referring to will probably involve drinking, not going to a park like a child would want. Though I’d still go to a park. Just drunk (kidding).

So I’m building up a list of things to look forward to. This Thursday and Saturday, I’ll be going out to celebrate my friend Allie’s birthday. In May, I’m going to the Monash Residential Services (MRS) Ball. Me and Ashleigh are trying to get people together for a holiday to Bali in June. And I’m considering going to Sydney to stay with Allie. Fun times ahead for sure, but I hate that when these things come closer, so does me leaving this country. But I’m not going to talk about that now.

I’m also going to have to do things by myself when everyone else is studying. So, I thought exploring Melbourne, seeing the things I didn’t ever get round to would be a good idea. Like the Eureka Sky Deck, Philip Island (penguins!) and the coffee shops and street art. Oh, and looking around the Neighbours set! (Something almost no Aussie wants to do, they hate it. I respect them a little for hating their soaps, while England still generally loves Eastenders and allows it to atrociously retain its BBC1 prime time viewing slot.)

And one last thing England: you’ve made that despicable ‘Call Me Maybe’ song number one. Really?!

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