Out and about with the Aussies

Because I’m bogged down by work, I’m going to write another blog entry. No, that doesn’t make any logical sense, but I can’t resist a little bit of procrastination, and I wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve been up to before I become a hermit.

This post will mainly be pictures – wouldn’t want to bore you with loads of writing ;) Plus, I don’t actually have the time because I need to get back to writing a 3,000 word research paper on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and the corruption it faced. Yes, thrilling (I actually do find it interesting, but it’s not exactly fun to write).

First off, we had Milan’s 21st. This was an evening I was really looking forward to, but alcohol was definitely my enemy. We went to Chapel Street, a popular street to go out on, full of pubs/bars/clubs. This is where what now seems to be a bit of a tradition started: Lucky Coq for some drinks, then Bridie O’Reilleys.

ANZAC day. Not really meant to be a day of drinking, but we watched the AFL match, where I learnt that I should never support Collingwood (even though they won) then played beer pong. We went to see the Avengers movie in the evening. It was a really nice day.

(Ok, so we might have had to use goon and passion pop instead of beer at some points…)

Me and Allie went to see Simon Amstell as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Not many people know him in Australia, so being in a room full of people who did made me feel at home a bit. Especially when he mentioned London. He was very funny.

(It’s blurry, but nevertheless, it’s Simon Amstell)

Talent Night at Deakin Hall. Jacob and Sean were the hosts… or hostesses, as they dressed up as beautiful women. Me and Hayley made little banner signs for Allie and Alan. They did a performance together of Skinny Love, where they both sang and Alan played guitar. Allie did a solo of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love, and Alan played guitar and sang songs that he’s written himself. Both of them are very talented people and I’m pretty damn proud (if not a bit jealous) of them. We also had whip cracking, turning red (oh, Scotty) and dancing courtesy of Ejaz, Saber and Ashy.

Allie’s birthday (part 1) at The Nott, our local pub. All I can really say is that I won’t be forgetting that night any time soon and it was one of the funniest, most interesting nights I’ve had here so far. All of you there, I feel we share a very special bond. Ha.

Emily’s 21st. It was really lovely to hear speeches from her family and friends about her. I wish I could have something like that for my 21st, but November is an awkward time. The theme was ‘It’s not too cold to pretend it’s summer’ (I have to point out; this is a lie. It is definitely too cold to pretend it’s summer now)

Allie’s birthday (part 2): Chapel Street. I had a really good night. Bridie O’Reilley’s has a band that plays every Saturday night and they’re awesome. Typically, all of us girls have decided we’re in love with them. Such is the infatuation with musicians. Ended the night with Maccers, then back to Halls getting a cup of tea in the kitchen with Hayley, Alan and Ollie.

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