Silly things for my new friends

I stupidly agreed to write a haiku for my friend Alia when my mentions of Allie in this blog were becoming all the more frequent. I’m telling you now, these are no masterpieces. Once I realised how difficult it was to get everything you wanted in the limits of a haiku, I saw the opportunity to just mess around and be silly instead.

I’m aware I promised a few other people haikus/poetry as well; and that will come shortly in this post. Or, if I’ve forgotten (which is more than likely), just remind me. As luck would have it, once you’ve seen these stupid ones I’ve done for others, you won’t want one anymore ;)

Oh, also, they don’t make any sense – only to the people they’re for/a few others who have shared the times with me :)



Seeking wine

from the cold Jefferson cries

It pours on carpet


Allie (yes, she was quick to make sure she would continue to be mentioned in my posts):

Sun on Ocean Road

Directionless, still laughing

Panda eats bamboo

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