The allure of Uluru

I went to Uluru in 2009 with my dad and my sister (my sister was living in Sydney for a year at this time, so this trip was during mine and my dad’s visit over there). I would truly say there’s never been a place like it in my experience/travels. I have never before been in that kind of environment – the desert landscape – apart from in Egypt, but Uluru is different. The vivid red sand was beautiful and entirely caught me off guard; I wasn’t expecting it to be real. To this day, I have never seen so many stars in the sky as I did when I was in Uluru. And I absolutely cannot wait to have that kind of experience again. It gave me so much perspective and made me realise how small we are in the world/universe.

I’m going to show you a few pictures from the sunrise tour around the base of Uluru. We had an Aboriginal guide tell us all the stories and beliefs from the Indigenous culture, which fascinated me no end. Stories come from the way the rock formations look, something anyone can see, so it was easy to understand and feel part of the culture on some level.

This is a map of the 10k walk around the base we did, starting from sunrise:


The view of Uluru (on a different day):



Start of the tour, the side of Uluru has an imprint of a large head, so the story says:


The ‘Happy Whale’ (one of my favourite parts):


A bleeding love heart:


Aboriginal drawings:


The Olgas at sunset concluded our tour:


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