A London Brunch: make some room


I love a good brunch. And to celebrate my Graduation (yay) with my family, we went to an all time favourite: brunch at the Intercontinental London Park Lane Hotel.

I won’t lie, I was genuinely reminiscing the day before about all the food I was going to eat, hoping they’d have it all there this time. They did. Eggs Benedict (or opt for, like I did, the Eggs Royale – smoked salmon instead of ham), omelettes, pastas, smoked salmon, pancakes, beautifully succelent prawns…

And… I now like sushi. Or sashimi, really. This is an interesting development in my life (yeah, I have a really exciting life). I feel ready now to explore the sushi world.

If this wasn’t enough, we also had a desert to this brunch. Macarons, raspberry crème brûlée, and here I bring in a bit of my weirdness: it was so perfectly organised and well laid out that it just looked even more amazing. But not amazing enough for me to not want to ruin the admirable arrangement.

I really, REALLY recommend this brunch. Oh, yeah… did I forget to mention, they give you unlimited bellinis and sparkling wine. In an array of flavours each time you go – strawberry, mango, pear, peach, blackberry, raspberry are just a few I’ve had.

I’ll have to stop writing now or I’ll just want to book it again.

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