I wish it could be Paris everyday


An excellent Paris/Christmas song pun, I know.

My lovely older sister, Tanya, took me to Paris in December as my 21st birthday present (which is in November) for a weekend.

Needless to say, I was over the moon. And thus a lovely weekend of blue skies (for one day), floral rooms, sight-seeing and the most amazing cocktail I’ve ever had ensued – for those cocktail fiends like myself, it was called a bounty martini and had a chocolate coated marshmallow shaped as a teddy bear on a stick as decoration…it’s as if they were personally trying to make me happy. Bar Le Village (it’s necessary to give the name of this genius place) has got quirky ‘bar’ style decor in what is essentially more of a pub on Rue de la Montagne Saint Genevieve, just off Rue Descartes.

The Parisian Christmas markets were beautiful. Huge bowls of tarteflette were being made in every direction, an extremely tasty dish of potatoes, bacon and melted cheese. It was a main source of food on family skiing holidays in the Alps, and now generally at home. Crêpes accompanied with jars of nutella designed for a giant lured me in, and ice skating trails entwined around lit up figures of Father Christmas, polar bears and reindeers gave me endless entertainment. If Paris knows how to do a seasonal holiday, it is definitely Christmas. With the Christmas markets and shops of Prague and Bruges to compete with, no wonder Paris was pulling out all the stops.

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