A wannabe London tourist


How many of us really know our home city? Unless you’ve answered, “Yeah, I do, really well” and I’ve stumbled into an awkward situation here, I’ll take the people who answered, “Actually, not that well” and bond in our neglect.

You may know some places to go, the general vibes of neighbourhoods, like I do, but what about directions? Getting inbetween those neighbourhoods, having that visual map in your mind? Problem is, when we live in a city for our whole lives, or just 6 months, sometimes we can forget to do even the tourist-y things.

So on a day out, the Powley family decided we would go on The Original Bus Tour around London. I should point out, my family actually do know London very well – these tickets were a freebie…

And what a shocker, London is beautiful. Tourist attractions as well as the random streets and people.

So, everyone, explore your own city and (re)discover the excitement of it. It’s got some tricks up its sleeve, too. :)


  • Ayla says:

    I LOVE this Kirsten! I’ve lived in London my whole life but feel like I hardly really know the city so I’ve been doing touristy things in London over the last year and I’ve loved it!

    It’s great being a tourist in your own city! :)

    • kpowley says:

      Thank you! That’s how I feel, I want to know London inside out even though I’ve been born and bred here. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to (also, street art tour I hear from Twitter?! I want to do that too!)

      • Ayla says:

        Alex took me to London Dungeons after I read your post and mentioned it! The street art tour is on Saturday – taking Alex for his birthday so that would be fun. We’ll get there eventually and see all of London!

  • whywasteannualleave says:

    Agree with Ayla! Even though I’m a Londoner, I never tire of exploring London and love seeing “touristy” photos of London in all its glory!

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