Postcard Perfect: Osaka, Japan


Osaka, Japan.

A postcard from the parents’ World Cruise again. The architecture of Japanese buildings like this fascinate me. And those cherry blossoms… Japan is a place I’d love to go for the sheer cultural difference to anything I’m used to and anything I’ve seen before – it would definitely be a unique experience! Also, this photo on this postcard looks like it was made for Instagram.

Japan fun fact: In Japan (including Osaka), cat cafes are really popular. Yes, this is a place you go to drink coffee/tea, maybe a slice of cake, and play with cats. What else is a Japanese resident to do when they can’t keep cats in their apartments (which is why this phenomenon has spread in Japan)?

Is it bad this is one of the major reasons I want to go to Japan? I feel like I should consider this whole concept wrong, but they seem to have pretty tight, pro-cats rules.

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