Battle of the Beaches (Melbourne edition)

Melbourne isn’t known for its beaches (all the more reason to dive a little deeper), but the wonderful world of Oz is. When I lived there, I was eager to explore what was on offer in the city. I knew I couldn’t surf in Melbourne (booooo!) but I took great memories from its beaches.


So which is it…. St Kilda beach or Brighton beach? What do you think?

(Thank you Monika for the photos again. I’ll have to start watermarking them for you!)


St Kilda

st kilda

Great views of Melbourne skyline.

Probably the best cake shop I’ve ever been to – Ackland Cake Shop.

Luna Park. Opened 1912, pretty impressive.

Nightlife. Spend one night in St Kilda, finish on the beach… best way to end a night.

Penguins. Little, freakin’ amazing penguins.

One tram, and bam, you’re in the city centre.

Had an incredible meal (including kangaroo steak) with my parents when I showed them around my new home city.



Start with the obvious: the cutest, colourful beach huts.

St Kilda had cakes, Brighton has the best chips (/fries) I’ve ever tasted. I still reminisce.

Loveliest houses you’d dream to live in one day.

The first Melbourne beach I went to.

Bonding with my new friends.

Playing in the water (more waves on Brighton beach).

The start of the happiest time of my life.



  • Melissa Hanlon says:

    Not far out side of Melbourne, there are plenty of great places to surf! Like example, next to Geelong is Bells Beach which is world famous for its surfing competitions in March, There also places like Angelsea and Gunamatta.. You should check it out next time!

    • When I did a trip on the Great Ocean Road we visited Bells Beach – love the beaches along there (I felt I couldn’t quite get away with calling them Melbourne so missed them out!). Never went to Gunamatta! I’ll always be in love with Brighton Beach with its colourful huts though, *swoon*.

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