Natural Highs


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To follow on from my Rooftop Cities post, I thought it was a good moment to appreciate the untouched views around us (from a bit of a height to keep the trend).

After all, I think the nature around us is the most beautiful thing of all, and one of the aspects of travel that inspires me most. I cannot agree with the quote above enough. In a world where humans keep rearranging and manipulating, it’s taken for granted the places and times you can step back and just appreciate what was here long before. We sometimes forget the respect we should have for it, and the inspiration and growth we can take from it.

Here are a few photos of places I’ve been that I love because of that very reason.


Townsend, Massachusetts, USA.

Byron Bay.

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Looking out from the most Easterly point of Australia.


12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. One of the best weekends of my life, constantly surrounded by beauty like this with amazing friends.


I know this is from a plane, a very unnatural thing, but there’s something about being above the clouds – remembering there’s so much more to the world, and I love that it’s almost a proud secret the clouds have.

MA again. Pretentious image obligatory.

MA, again. Pretentious image obligatory, sorry.


Seneca Lake, New York, USA.

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