Battle of the Beaches (Sydney edition)

The oldest, most ancient of the age old questions (ok, maybe not)… Bondi or Manly?

For me, this is so startlingly obvious I could dance and skip up and down Manly beach from sunrise to sunset. So I guess I’ve given it away?

Everyone raves about Bondi. So naturally I’m sceptical about it. I felt the same way about Niagara Falls (which I loved, by the way). Obviously I still went to Bondi expecting rugged beachy hunky (do people still use ‘hunky’? It should make a comeback) men I couldn’t take my eyes off, sand with a likeness to pure gold and a talented surfer or two wrestling with a great white.

In the interest of a fair(ish) trial, here it is: The Battle of the Beaches.



It’s big. A lot of sand. Something that bodes well for a beach.

The Bondi Market, every Sunday 10am-4pm. One of my treasured necklaces is from here. :)

The nightlife is pretty grand around Bondi. So are the houses… so if you manage a house party in Bondi then going out, I’d say you’re in for a pretty good night. Enjoy. ;)

Outdoor workout area… if you’re happy to flex those muscles infront of a crowd.

Speaking of, the crowds are one of my least favourite things about Bondi!

Bondi Baths at Bondi Icebergs – ocean swimming if you’re not really fancying the risk of a shark or those temper ridden waves.

You can surf. But you’ll have to fight for space.

Very central.



Where the people who go for runs are all beautifully chisled already.

A lot quieter and calmer. Beginning surfing here is a dream: it was like I had the whole sea to myself.

Lovely area around it – affordable living, boutiques, chilled but lively atmosphere.

Manly Markets. Australian designed things, usually pretty unique.

Kayak from here. Yes, into that big ocean. Sounds fun, right?

Go to Hugos restaurant nearby. Just delicious, peaceful and such an amazing view.

Manly to Spit walk. Beautiful to witness these views of Sydney and nature combined.

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