Summer ’14: West Coast Canada & USA

I am very, extremely, ecstatically happy to announce my travel plans for late August into early September.

West Coast summer fun starting in Vancouver, ending in San Francisco.

Now, yes, you may think I do North America a lot. Truth is, of course I do, I have an American boyfriend I do long distance with. I would love to be going to all corners of the world to tropical and cultural destinations 24/7, and boy, will I. I thought about Southeast Asia as an option long and hard. But I have just started a job, not that much money, and I want to dedicate a longer amount of time to the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos than the 2 weeks I’m allowed to take in one go from work. I am young; that trip will come in good time.

West Coast delivers an extraordinary amount of range and diversity from the East Coast of North America that I’m used to. I’ll be swapping sky scrapers (for the most part) and busy streets with nature and overwhelming surroundings.

Here’s the plan so far:

Fly into Vancouver. I hope to zipline on Grouse Mountain and kayak/see Orcas. And of course catch up with my lovely Canadian friend, Monika

Amtrak down to Seattle – dive into the music scene

Amtrak again (hey, I’m on a budget here) to Portland. Here I will most certainly be keeping things weird. I’ve admired Oregon from afar for too long

Rent a car and drive through the beautiful scenery, making our way to Crater Lake. Swim in it? I think so!

Camping amongst the Redwoods at Jedediah Smith in the Redwoods State Park

Drive to San Francisco – a city I have wanted to experience for such a long time. I want to finally say I have surfed California and breathe in the atmosphere of the place that lived and started the Summer of Love

We’ll be heading to Big Sur, which if you just Google image, looks like a phenomenal drive. Road trips are one of my favourite things, and I cannot wait to do one along the Pacific Coast!

There might just be a trip out to Napa Valley, too! Gotta get that wine fix

This is the rough plan so far. As my latest trips away have been from city to city, I’m so excited to be doing something that more resembles my memories of and time in Australia – sun, sea, laidback attitudes and landscapes that make me feel so wonderfully small in the world.

It’s not too long until I’ll be finding my way back to Boston now, too…

Peace, love and travel my friends! (See, I totally belong in Haight-Ashbury in 1967…)

Photo by Jim Marshall; via

San Fran; Photo by Jim Marshall; via

Copyright Feargus Cooney

Redwoods Copyright Feargus Cooney; Getty Images

© 2012 Ray Bouknight; Getty Images

Crater Lake © 2012 Ray Bouknight; Getty Images




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