Boston in Winter: Snow, snow snow

I’ve sweltered in Boston’s humid summers and I’ve crunched the golden brown leaves as I’ve walked its Autumn, but I’ve never seen Boston in the midst of winter.

London hasn’t snowed this year, but Boston’s had the brunt of it. The snow storms cancelled flights and trapped people indoors. But this is the beautiful side of the snow I longed to witness. I couldn’t even comprehend the amount of snow that could engulf a city.


This (above) is Beacon Hill – an extremely lovely part of Boston filled with expensive houses but in such a quaint and petite way (at least on the outside). The Patriots star Tom Brady lived here with supermodel Gisele Bündchen and other such famous/obviously rich people.

Beacon Hill sits beside Boston Common, which was covered in snow, uninterrupted by streets.





I may have overdone the excitement with squirrels… this isn’t because we don’t have any in England – we have tons – but a squirrel’s behaviour is highly amusing, and they seem to make sense with the snow to me.

I’m 100% sure that in their minds they were cursing me in thick Boston accents for giggling at them.



I loved how consuming the snow was, despite this being in the middle of a city.




Alan lives in a place in the outskirts of Boston – ‘Greater Boston’ let’s call it – named Somerville. It’s right beside Cambridge (the home of Harvard University and MIT, also a tough ‘Greater Boston’ or ‘outside Boston’ distinction…) where we ventured quite a bit. These photos show Davis Square and surrounding streets.





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