Join Me In… The Beehive, Boston

Oh, my. It was only a matter of time until I was going to give this USA restaurant its own post. Live jazz, exposed brick walls, amazing food, fairy lights, great cocktails… guys, you spoil me.

I dislike using the word trendy, but, well, it is. I first went to The Beehive on my first visit to Boston in August 2012. I went again on my second visit… in fact, the only time I haven’t been was this February just gone when I physically had to stop myself from going. It was becoming an addiction (I have no plans to stop visiting mine and the boy’s favourite Chinese takeaway though… even though it stopped being his local back in September…).



The Beehive is in the South End – in an area with a big gay community – and has a mix of laidback glamour. It’s rough brick walls and tattooed and pierced staff makes it seem casual, then you get old school elegance with an elaborate chandelier and jazz – including a double bass. I love a double bass.

The atmosphere here makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time, cocktail in hand and tapping my foot. Hands down one of my favourite places in Boston.

Dish: For brunch (best time to go), try the French toast or the quiche. For dinner, the duck.

Cocktail: Valentino Martini. Vodka, blood orange and passion fruit. I’m afraid that if I try to describe it, I’ll be booking a ticket to Boston I can’t afford. Just, please, I beg of you, go and have it.

Spillage is lickage, as they say. To the right is the infamous Valentino Martini

Spillage is lickage, as they say.
To the right is the infamous Valentino Martini



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