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What’s My Blogging Niche?

Rule number something-or-other of travel (or any type of) blogging: find a niche. Harness that niche.

Now, is it just me or can this be slightly limiting? Don’t get me wrong, there are great bloggers who have slotted perfectly and naturally with theirs, and this post isn’t about slamming them – hats off to them, actually! What I mean is, in a world of an increasing number of travel bloggers, where you’re actually told to find some way to stand out, what’s a girl to do?

The more tips and ‘must-do’ things I find on travel blogging and the more I’m told I should and need to find a niche asap… the more I’ve thought… why?

I love travel. Duh. But what is it I can bring in particular? This required a lot of thought from me. Adventure is important to me: I always want to do active things, I love moving around and outdoor space, and interacting with nature is so therapeutic to me. But here’s the issue with that: I live in London… a big city where I can’t easily be “one” with nature and adrenaline – but I love London and I love the history and vibes of cities. Aaaaahhhhhh. Confusing.



And to be honest, if I’m going to skydive (which I bloody well will), I want it to be in New Zealand or somewhere with exceptional natural views. This is point number two (or three, I’ve lost count already): I actually haven’t done enough of these crazy adventure things to be called an ‘adventure blogger’ yet. They might be all on my list and be one of my favourite parts of travelling, but they’ll take time.

Let’s look at some of the list:

  • Swimming with a variety of animals, including gigantic Manta Rays, Turtles, Whale Sharks, Dolphins
  • I’d like to cage dive with a Great White in South Africa
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Skydive
  • Hike volcanoes
  • Surf multiple beaches (like, decently)
  • Ziplining (fingers crossed I’m actually doing this in Canada this summer)

And so, so much more.

I can’t hack horror films but any of this stuff? Exhilarating to think about (…also quite scary).


I’m literally just dancing in the jaws of death, now.*

Anyway. The reason I love all these things to do with travel – nature, adventure, culture, learning, the people – isn’t because I have one certain thing I’m interested in; it’s because of what travel personally means to me.

For me, it’s the most inspirational thing out there, and when I re-read my About Me page, I realised something: since, I’ve become way too concerned with what my “niche” would be, what a travel blogger probably “should” be, that I veered a little off the track of my own inspiration. Not anymore, folks.

‘What do I want to do with my blog?’ I ask. Answer: Have fun and be myself.

Yep. That's me being myself.

Yep. That’s me being myself.

I love writing, and why should I adhere to certain topics that are in some list of Top 10 Ways To Have A Successful Blog, or whatever? I want people to read my blog and see what I see, and feel what I feel: a beautiful world that is RIGHT THERE (seriously guys, it’s all around you. How crazy is that when you think about it?!) for you to feel moved by, for you to want to explore. And if that works, maybe you’ll share with me how you’ve felt about it. I’m no expert: I want tips, too. :)

I want to grow as a traveller, make mistakes, write a silly post, or a serious one. I’m learning just as the most and least experienced travellers still are.

In doing that, do I have to keep clicking on tips for what I should put on my blog? Do I have to limit myself to a particular niche when I haven’t found one naturally yet? Doing that doesn’t feel free; I don’t want to choose something now to be set out for me.

I’ll just be myself and let my travelling and my blog take me wherever it’s going to, thanks. That’s a pretty exciting adventure in itself. :)



*I’m kidding. I love koalas. So much so I couldn’t bear (ha!) to let you think I was serious.


For a more random, happy, exciting approach, come and have fun with me on my Instagram @kpowley, Facebook page Kirst Over the World and Twitter @kpowley – where I’m sorry, I’ll also frequently talk about how hungry I am.

16 thoughts on “What’s My Blogging Niche?

  1. Great post!! We completely agree with you about just being yourself. Good for you and enjoy the experience. We blog because we love it – we love travelling, we love writing and we love interacting with those who are interested :) We might give the occasional tip about travelling but utmost and foremost we like to share our experiences and connect with people – that has been the most rewarding and enjoyable thing about blogging for us: making new friends :)
    Happy travels!

  2. Totally agree and well said! I write about whatever I want to write about and things that I want to share with others. People will love your blog if it tells them something about you and if you show your personality rather than just being a factual blog. It’s much more interesting to find out about someone and that way you can make plenty of friends from blogging too :)

  3. Thank you for this post! I haven’t even started my travel blog because I kept trying to figure out my niche. After reading this post I realized if I am who I am and just practice writing and posting it will just come naturally. Now to pick a domain name! ;)

    • Yes! Exactly :) Don’t worry about a niche, just do what you want to do and your voice will come! Once you have your blog send it my way, I’d love to have a look/read :)

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