My Favourite Travel Inspired Instagram Accounts

Let me just start by saying: I love Instagram. It’s usually what I’m scrolling through when my boyfriend is telling me to get off my phone and properly focus on him – and I don’t see him often (since we do long distance), so that definitely takes this Instagram love into obsession category.

These accounts are my favourites which have beautiful photos and inspire travel. This means that they’re not all necessarily travel bloggers. Some are fashion bloggers, some photographers, some just people with really amazing Instagram accounts.

But they’re all accounts that have made me say “wow” to their photos and look forward to their name popping up on my screen.

If you have any recommendations, please comment below – I’m always on the look out for more travel photos. My travel bloggers, I don’t think I have many of you on Instagram so please let me know if you have it so I can follow!

And have a little gander on my account too at kpowley. :)

1. ourwildabandon

These two Canadian friends quit their jobs and went in search of adventure, starting in the US. Their photos somehow take me back in time, or maybe it’s that they take me back to the essentials of life: adventure, nature and friends.

our wild abandon 8 our wild abandon 2

2. youngadventuress

Liz is an American who currently lives in Wanaka, New Zealand. Her photos on Instagram are stunning. No, seriously. They’re beautiful. Her blog Young Adventuress is one of my favourites, especially to browse – and she embraces her geeky side. I think we need more people like that.

young adventuress - wanaka young adventuress - great barrier reef
young adventuress - kiwi crossing young adventuress - tongariro

3. tuulavintage

Jessica Stein is a fashion and travel blogger at Tuula Vintage. I follow a few fashion bloggers, but Jessica is one of those who seem really genuine. Her Instagram photos frequently take in the landscape she’s in, and so combine travel and fashion in a lovely way. Plus, she has excellent style.

tuula vintage - hawaii tuula vintage - mount batur
tuula vintage - sydney au tuula vintage - opera house

4. heyitsmonika

Ok, so I might be biased because this lovely lady is a great friend, but her photography is genuinely some of my favourite. Monika’s from Calgary, currently lives in Vancouver and is extremely fashionable. She’s on a bit of an adventure soon to Iceland, England and possible Germany or Switzerland, so watch out for some breathtaking photos.

heyitsmonika - vancouverheyitsmonika - orange county
heyitsmonika - hawaiiheyitsmonika - whistler

5. photojbartlett

A photographer based in Jasper National Park in Canada – aka one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen photographed – who focuses on the natural beauty. Also takes pictures elsewhere on west coast of North America – since I’m headed this way this summer (check out my plans here) so I’m in awe.

photojbartlett photojbartlett - redwoods
photojbartlett - jasper canada photojbartlett - jasper

6. worldwanderlust

Brooke is from Tasmania and created the blog World of Wanderlust. Her Instagram account is quite simply gorgeous, with vivid, striking photos of her travels.

worldwanderlust - cesky krumlov worldwanderlust - blagaj
worldwanderlust - venice worldwanderlust - south africa

7. australia

It was only a matter of time until Tourism Australia’s official Instagram came up. I mean, come on. It shares awesome photos of Australia, so tag #SeeAustralia and/or @Australia to maybe get your photo shared on their account. Also check out visitmelbourne and statravelau.

australia - kata tjuta australia - gippsland
australia - wallabies australia - queensland

8. mrweekender

Jaharn is the creator of Mister Weekender and currently lives in Sydney. Her Instagram is essentially full of stylish travel, and sometimes it’s just nice to indulge in that!

mr weekender - japan mr weekender - kangaroo island
mr weekender - kyoto mr weekender - tokyo

9. vstuarttaylor

Virginia is the blogger of The Well-Travelled Postcard and has gone from living in London to Madrid for 6 months.

vstuarttaylor - madrid plaza vstuarttaylor - madrid
vstuarttaylor - padova vstuarttaylor - valencia

10. aladyinlondon

Julie’s photos are as elegant as her blog’s name, A Lady in London. Note: it’s not just London she blogs about/Instagrams. Though her London photos make me proud to call the city home.

aladyinlondon - tobago aladyinlondon - whistler
aladyinlondon - california aladyinlondon - kensington london

11. travelettes

The official Instagram of the site Travelettes, created by Katja – she’s usually photographing Berlin. This was one of my first travel website finds when I started blogging, and the love just continues. Amazing bunch of women!

travelettes - bangkok travelettes - berlin 2
travelettes - berlin travelettes - vienna

12. thetravelhack

Monica is now a full time blogger (The Travel Hack) and freelancer, and to be totally honest, her life looks really quite incredible!

thetravelhack - grand canyon thetravelhack - copenhagen
thetravelhack - iceland thetravelhack - santa barbara

13. katiecleod

I’ve never been to Scotland, but Katie – blogger of Stories My Suitcase Could Tell – makes my feet itch to cross the border (other adventures also available).

katiecleod - tokyo katiecleod - hebrides
katiecleod - brooklyn bridge katiecleod - USA

14. vickyflipflop

If there’s one thing to say about Vicky, it’s that she has fun and her Instagram shows that. So does her blog, Vicky Flip Flop Travels.

vickyflipflop - NZ vickyflipflop - melbourne
vickyflipflop - NYC vickyflipflop - new zealand

15. linesofescape

Kasha is from Cape Town and now lives in London. What I love about her feed and blog, Lines of Escape, is that she always makes a great effort to explore and is so gracious about it (my biggest traveller pet peeve is people who boast about their travels, so it’s always refreshing to find people who are modest and focus on the destination, not showing off about it).

linesofescape - koh phi phi linesofescape - wales 2
linesofescape - wales linesofescape - london china town

16. thisbatteredsuitcase

I look up to Brenna of This Battered Suitcase a lot. She’s all about responsible travel and I always feel the sense of awe and emotion she conveys with any place she’s in. I’ve only just found out she’s on Instagram, but already love her photos.

thisbatteredsuitcase - botswana thisbatteredsuitcase - porto
thisbatteredsuitcase - salzburg thisbatteredsuitcase - botswana 2



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