Close Encounters with Greenland’s Icebergs

In my life, I can’t say I ever consciously wished to see an iceberg or even really considered it as a thing to do. But as I looked at them right beside me in the waters of Greenland, it struck me (perhaps a bit slow on the uptake) how I had never physically seen one with my own eyes. And suddenly it became incredibly awesome that I was. I was drifting past icebergs. Icebergs.

This was the “Cold Cruise” (as I nicknamed it) I went on when I was 16. As a 16 year old, I wasn’t happy to be going on a holiday that wouldn’t be giving me a tan, but I couldn’t deny the beauty of this place.


It was summer, and there were still icebergs floating around in Greenland waters. I don’t think I ever expected it; the only icebergs I ever saw were on David Attenborough documentaries. Titanic also came to mind as I put two and two together: there are icebergs… and I’m on a cruise ship. Surely this could only mean disaster? And I didn’t even have Leonardo DiCaprio to keep me safe.

But the thing I felt most was complete wonder and awe at these huge blocks of surreally white ice. They were so imposing, yet at the same time their lack of symmetry gave them a vulnerability. And as many jagged edges they had, there were surfaces so smooth, they looked like powdery snow you could almost ski on.

The pure white of the icebergs seemed unnatural, which I find odd to say as it’s actually 100% natural and untouched. Shows what I’m used to as “natural”, living in London! What I loved most was how they glowed a bright, memerising blue under the water – just from the remaining mass below, but it emphasised their striking appearance, giving a mysterious and hypnotising quality. The majority of the body is hidden beneath, ultimately making them more dangerous… but they’re so pretty.

Without further ado, join me in ‘ooo’-ing and ‘ahhh’-ing at these majestic things. (I’ll be cheating slightly and adding in a couple of photos without icebergs – because I can and they’re still worth it. Promise.)






Closer to shore they get a bit dirty



Greenland was surprisingly mountainous


Ending on a sunset shot because it’s the end of the post. Symbolism.

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