Postcard Perfect: Cape Town, South Africa

I don’t know if you remember, but I used to do a little feature called Postcard Perfect – obviously an ingenius play on ‘Picture Perfect’.

Well: I’m bringing it back. I used to scan my photos, but my scanner became a little temperamental, and I realised I may not even be lucky enough to always have a scanner to hand. So, I’ve decided to just take pictures of me holding the postcard: it means I’ll always be able to bring the feature to you, and I also quite like the idea of having a bit of the background of where I actually am compared to what’s in the postcard.

I’ve decided to start this again with another of the postcards from my parent’s round the world cruise they went on in 2012. I got the majority of these while I was in Australia, and it always made me smile that so many members of our family were out there having adventures.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

There was a time when South Africa wasn’t on my radar at all. Now it’s all over the place – I know a few South Africans and after some research, it’s become one of the places I can’t help think of as unique and would love to visit. When my parents went to Cape Town, they gushed about it.

It was one of the highlights of their trip (and this was a 3 month world cruise…). They loved the dramatic landscape (Table Mountain was stunning, they said) and loved that the city looked so well looked after.

They also visited the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden which isn’t far from Cape Town and sent me a picture of the sign. Seeing anything relating to my name ‘Kirsten’ doesn’t come around that often, so I was pretty pleased.

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