Postcard Perfect: Garden Route, South Africa

Garden Route, South Africa

South Africa

Ok, so a big reason I love this postcard is clearly because there are dolphins surfing waves on it (which is why it was chosen for me). Awesome. Also, I actually like the tattered look it has – suggests to me that it’s come from far away and had quite the journey (it did come to me from South Africa to Australia, after all).

So, the story behind this postcard is that it didn’t actually come from Garden Route – I believe my parents bought it in Port Elizabeth, east of Garden Route, which in itself is east of Cape Town.

My parents weren’t amazingly impressed with Port Elizabeth, so I looked into the Garden Route, the results much to my pleasure. It’s a scenic stretch of land in southeastern South Africa, with beautiful beaches on the coast and lakes and lagoons further inland. This sounds like my kind of place, and makes me think a little of the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

Hello, new place on my wish list.


  • Ayla says:

    The Garden Route is simply stunning. We hired a car and did a road trip from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and it’s one of both mine and Alex’s favourite memories from travelling. There are so many beautiful spots from mountains, beaches, winelands, towns, wildlife parks. I want to go back and do it all again!

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