A Night at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

There was probably everything you’d imagine at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards: champagne on arrival, pretty girls in pretty dresses, fancy cupcakes and of course, cosmopolitan cocktails.

My outfit on the night

My outfit on the night

Once I entered the room in the Oxo Tower, I didn’t know where to look. Remington joined and kindly groomed guests’ hair (I slightly regretted doing mine beforehand), Two Little Cats Bakery let you design your own cupcake and there were temporary tattoos (I indulged in a feather on the wrist before deciding that maybe a gold foil style wasn’t my thing) and nail art.

But I’m a cocktail lover, so my eyes zoomed to Pinky Vodka’s bar with variations of classic cocktails, and of course, the classic Cosmopolitan (seriously, I’d have been disappointed if they didn’t have it). One even tasted like white chocolate, but was completely transparent, with a delicate flower floating on top. Bar magic at its best.

As you may know already, I didn’t win or come highly commended in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. I wondered whether I should do a post on the evening when frankly, people will generally want to hear about the winners’ stories. But that’s the thing, I still wanted to acknowledge it. We see so many people, on Facebook, on Instagram, sharing the good times, but rarely the bad, or average, or slightly disappointing.

As most people say in these situations, I am extremely happy to have even been shortlisted. I was wittled down into a group of 7 for the category of Best Travel Blog, out of over 45,000 entries (across the board, that is. I have no idea how many were solely travel). That is something to be proud of.

Photos with Thomson

Photos with Thomson

But there is the other side. It sucks. And it is disappointing. It knocks you down when you’ve had hope built up in you for months that maybe possibly there’s a chance you could just maybe a little bit… win. It’s such a lovely feeling to be recognised in the shortlist, but in one moment, you go from shortlisted to basically nothing. I’m cringing slightly with how dramatic that sounds, but hear me out.

As a blogger, you’ve basically got to start with the knowledge that you’re talking to yourself. Hardly anyone will read your blog for months, except your family and friends – and even then it’s only if they can be bothered or find the time. To be recognised for something you’ve privately worked away at for a long time, driven by only passion, faith and determination, is the dream. To be so close and then someone tell you “nope” is a little hard to take on in the space of about 30 seconds, especially for someone as competitive as me (I grew up in a family where if I came home from school happy about getting 80% in an exam, my mum would say “why didn’t you get 90%? 100%?”. Y’know, in a nice way…).

I would never be bitter or rain on the parade of Highly Commended Jess from The Travelista or winner, Katie from Stories My Suitcase Could Tell. They’re lovely people, like-minded travel bloggers and I’m happy for them. And obviously, if I was either of them, I’d be over the moon too. How could I be mad at that?!

Me with Jess from The Travelista

Me with Jess from The Travelista

The other travel girls!

The other travel girls!

So it’s nothing malicious against anyone else, or even that I thought I would win; all there was in this whole process before the night was shock, excitement and hope. Plus, I made it into Cosmo’s Amazing Outfits gallery, so there’s that at least…? ;)

I recently read a quote that the difference between people who make it and those who don’t are that those who make it never gave up. I’m a stubborn person, so I might as well use it for something worthwhile, right?

What matters to me above an award is that I’m proud of my blog and that it brings happiness and inspiration to others. So with that, I’m just going to keep blogging and keep improving.

Anyone reading this: what would you like to see from my blog? Do you want more pictures, a better looking site, tips, guides? Comment below or email me at kirstovertheworld@gmail.com. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. Give me a shout, I’d really love to hear from you!


  • Sounds great! Wish I could’ve been there! Thanks for sharing :)



  • Hey! I’ve just been having a good rummage through your site – and I came to say that I really love your blog posts. Love the way you write, and they have me engrossed from the first line :)

    It’s really interesting to read people’s views about the Cosmo Awards (some people have been really scathing about them, while others, like yourself, have spoke highly of the night). As someone who’s been plugging away with a travel blog for quite a few months (at least, seriously), the idea of being shortlisted for an award like this motivates me on, so please don’t let not winning take anything away from your awesome achievement :)

    I don’t think there’s one ‘winning’ formula for a blog, but that’s kind of what I like about it – it’s trial and error and seeing what resonates with people. And I’m sure this Cosmo shortlisting is the first in a very long line of recognitions for your blog!

    • Hey! So sorry it’s taken a while to reply! Thank you so much for coming on here and saying that, I really really appreciate that you like my blog posts I think someone else enjoying the way I write will be one of my favourite ever compliments :)

      Definitely, it is trial and error, finding your voice and finding your readers. It’s something that takes time! Hey, maybe next year we could both be shortlisted? ;) x

  • Jayne says:

    Firstly – amazing outfit! I felt very intimated attending an event full of fashion and beauty bloggers who plan their outfits for these awards months in advance and know one another very well. You, my dear, have nailed it and totally deserve to be in that outfit gallery :)

    And secondly – it is an awesome honour to be recognised in this way out of the hundreds of blogs the team reviewed. Not winning does indeed suck when you have slowly begun to let yourself believe it could possibly happen, but it so could have. It just wasn’t to be this time. (Jess, is a great example of this – she was shortlisted for the same award last year and was commended this year, so you never know what is coming your way in future.)

    Ultimately though the fact that you enjoy sharing your stories and are proud of what you do means you must keep going. I think that’s what fires all of us to keep going. Any type of award is just icing on the (cup)cake, right?

    • Thank you Jayne :)

      I was massively intimidated by the outfits there and the idea that I’d be in a room full of fashion and beauty bloggers!

      I like looking at it that way, that it just wasn’t to be this time. Definitely, an award is just icing, the main part and what matters is to love doing it :)

  • Great post! I completely second what Jayne said! Well done darling you did so well and like you, I was over the moon last year to even be nominated. Try again next year and go for it again! Take away the amazing experience that it was and enjoy the benefits of being affiliated to such an amazing national magazine. That recognition is priceless. See you on 31st hopefully :) xx

    • Thanks :) We’ll see! For the moment I’ll just keep writing what I love, and it’ll be amazing if I get recognised for that again.

      I’m in Boston on the 31st so I won’t sadly, but I’m holding you to that coffee (or drinks of an alcoholic nature) meet up afterwards! xx

  • First, let me say that you looked amazing and what an honor to be there in the first place. I am new to blogging and love your site, and have even more respect and admiration for you after reading this article. Everyone can’t win and I, personally, loved hearing the story and about the evening, regardless of the outcome. Congrats and keep up the great work!

  • Virginia says:

    I can see how it would be disappointing not to win after all the hours of work it takes to build and run a blog, but hey you made it into the short list! :) That alone is such good recognition. I’m curious as to who the other 4 travel bloggers were, do they come to the meet ups and things?

  • Hi Kirsten :) I know exactly how you feel as I was in the same shoes last year, I was shortlisted and didn’t win and had built the excitement up so much beforehand – well done for being honest about the disappointment but don’t let it get you down.

    You just have to remember that your blog is a personal thing, and however nice getting awards is – that wasn’t the reason you set it up, and it won’t be the reason you continue to put all your hard work in. Keep doing what you love and people will take notice :) x

    • Hi Elle-Rose! Thank you for commenting, it’s nice to hear it from someone who was in my shoes just last year! :)

      Exactly, that’s what I’ve been telling myself since, that I started blogging for the pure joy of it and no award, won or not, should ever get in the way of that :) Really appreciate the wise words! x

  • Looks like such a fun night and congratulations on your nomination!

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