Vancouver to San Francisco in Instagram

As you may know, I recently went on a trip starting in Vancouver, Canada, travelling down to San Francisco, USA. We covered a lot, from ziplining on Grouse Mountain to perilous (kind of) hikes to waterfalls in Oregon and skydiving in California. We even saw a couple of Orcas on the way…

There’s a lot of content on my blog on that trip, but if what you’re looking for is a wrap up of the best pictures, my Instagram photos will do the trick!

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It always starts with a passport photo…

The same day I landed in Vancouver, I went ziplining. Screw you, jetlag!

Exploring Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver…

I’ve posted about my fear of cycling, but at least Instagram makes it look peaceful…

With this sunrise, we waved goodbye to Vancouver… it was genuinely one of my favourite places on the trip!

Beautiful Oregon… (Click here for a more amazing pictures of the state.)

Beauty in Portland is Voodoo Doughnuts

Ok, now on to Californ-I-AYYYY (sorry…)

Days like this I just want to go back to again and again…

Spent a brief time in prison… (ahem, Alcatraz)

I’m Kirsten, I’m an English Literature graduate, and I will never be cured of loving book stores. Especially the travel section.



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