Barcelona’s Christmas Markets

The weekend before I went to Iceland, I was in Barcelona… both celebrating Christmas, and both very different.

Barcelona’s in the Mediterranean and is gloriously warm in the summer and mild in the winter. Coming from London, I’m used to a wintery feel around Christmastime, so being in Barcelona and suddenly spotting a stocking or Christmas trees felt pretty weird to me.

Nevertheless, I loved the change because – as I mentioned in my Icelandic Christmas traditions post – I’m fascinated by how different cultures celebrate holidays. The Christmas feeling doesn’t just stop when you’re in a warmer destination, it’s just done a little differently from the typical snow-covered scenes on Christmas cards.

The Christmas market in Barcelona made me smile as I walked down the rows of pine-lined sheds, prettily arranged mistletoe and grand architecture in the background. Here’s my selection of some of the festive photos.

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