I’m Moving to Canada!

About half an hour ago (8pm on 15 May), I received my visa allowing me to live and work in Canada for 2 years.


Everyone: I am officially moving to Canada!


So… Why Canada?

The story of why Canada is a long one, which I’ll go into deeper another time, but the core of it is this: I have an American boyfriend and for various reasons (again, I’ll go into them in another post) I couldn’t move to America, and he couldn’t move to the UK. So naturally, our thoughts turned to… Canada. I mean, why wouldn’t they…?

All at once the crazy idea seemed perhaps, the slightest bit, possible: I could get a working holiday visa. His job has an office in Toronto. Somehow, after months of secret conversations at work, planning, waiting (OH, the waiting!), a few setbacks and some more waiting (did I mention the waiting?), it’s worked out.

Plus, we really liked Canada the two times we’ve visited together, so we’re happy with the country choice. It all just seemed ideal.

So now, my boyfriend has a job in Canada, I have a working holiday visa for Canada, and we’re moving there in July.


In just two months I will be moving to Toronto, navigating my way around a new city (read: getting lost), taking trips to IKEA to put together a Pinterest board worthy apartment (I hope) and soaking up all the Canadian culture I can. By drowning myself in maple syrup, probably.

It’s an exciting few months coming up, which look a little like this:


I don’t want to jinx it yet, but in this period I’ll be doing some solo travel. Once I book flights, all will be revealed!

12-19 July

Norway on a cruise with the family to celebrate my dad’s birthday. There’s a slim chance it could be the south of France instead but time will tell.

29 July

Fly to Toronto.

30 July-2 August

Montreal for Osheaga Music Festival (where I’ll see the likes of Florence and the Machine and Father John Misty – yay) with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends.

2-9 August

Boston – a big itinerary with lots of food and drink, typical Boston sights and generally saying bye to the city.

9 August onwards

Back to Toronto – y’know, to live for the next 2 years.

It’s an exciting move, but scary too. It’s starting to sink in how much I’ll miss my family, friends and cats (my cats, not just any cats. I’m sure there are cats in Canada. If there aren’t, I’m going to have to seriously reconsider). Of course I’ll be back to visit here and there, but a massive change anyway!

It’s starting to feel a lot like when I was preparing to move to Australia, and I kind of love that feeling.

Niagara Falls

I’ve been to Toronto once before, so I know I like the city – but if you have any tips then let me know! And the rest of Canada too – there’s a lot to see! :)




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