19 Awesome Instagram Accounts for Canada Pictures

Since I knew I was moving to Canada, I’ve been scouring Instagram for accounts with pictures of Canada which will help me decide which parts of this beautiful country I should go.

Instagram Canada

This is what I think Instagram should be for. A happy place to look up lovely, creative, inspiring pictures and just enjoy them. I recently came across a couple of people on Instagram who were – to put it lightly – not very nice, and I came to the conclusion that some people take Instagram too seriously. With social media, I believe we should only invest love and time into it to a point; a point where we still embody decent human beings and don’t fly off the handle and enter the dark, foul-mouthed section of the Internet.

Follow the people whose photos make you happy. Don’t feel you have to follow anyone whose photos you don’t enjoy. Instagram is your personal space to curate and mould how you like, and nobody should tell you otherwise.

And with that out of the way, here are some Instagram accounts for Canada pictures whose photos I hope you enjoy enough to follow along :)

(Keep in mind some of these people are based in Canada but obviously they like to be in other parts of the world every now and again, due to them being super successful and, y’know, human.)

First for the official tourism accounts…


[instagram-feed id=”5470113″]



[instagram-feed id=”1903022974″]



[instagram-feed id=”10619335″]



[instagram-feed id=”263844281″]



[instagram-feed id=”231867947″]


Now for the bloggers/photographers…


[instagram-feed id=”561049203″]



[instagram-feed id=”23055894″]


@bennnnnnnngie (that’s 8 n’s)

[instagram-feed id=”8382848″]



[instagram-feed id=”3261761″]



[instagram-feed id=”1942011″]



[instagram-feed id=”694314415″]



[instagram-feed id=”3052048″]



[instagram-feed id=”18695458″]



[instagram-feed id=”50179740″]



[instagram-feed id=”225981575″]



[instagram-feed id=”3368859″]



[instagram-feed id=”183907279″]



[instagram-feed id=”380045″]


And seeing as I’m living in the country now, come and follow along on my adventures and Canada pictures :)


[instagram-feed id=”6479569″]


Know any other great Canadian Instagrammers? Let me know in the comments!


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