Monthly Update: September 2015

This monthly update is one where things have calmed down and we’re settling into Toronto/Canadian life. Things have still been fast-paced as I try to figure out how on earth I live a routine and maintain my excitement to explore the rest of this beautiful country (if you’re not convinced, have a look at my recent Instagram accounts you should follow for Canada photos).

Bruce Peninsula

Where I’ve Been:

Toronto – Canada
Bruce Peninsula National Park/Tobermory – Canada

Highlights of the Month:

Seeing another side to Ontario

My weekend trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park with my boyfriend this weekend made me extremely happy. It’s about 3 to 4 hours north of Toronto on Lake Huron, and is so incredibly beautiful I would have rubbed my eyes manically like cartoons do when they can’t believe what they see if I was weird enough.

I will be doing a blog post about the weekend and why it’s worth visiting, but for now I’ll say it honestly astounded me and gave me a skip in my step.

Bruce Peninsula

Loving my neighbourhood

We did move in August, but it’s only this month when we’ve been able to explore the area we live in (near St Lawrence Market/Old Town). I love it. It may not be out west where all the ‘hipster’ stuff is, but we’re just a 15-minute streetcar (I may hold my ground with some words, but I will conceed ‘tram’ to ‘streetcar’ when I’m this side of the pond) away and we have some pretty cool bars and restaurants around us, all which I’ll someday put into a post.

A couple of times, the boyfriend and I have gone for a run on Saturday morning and stopped by the market to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. It also made me extremely happy to be able to buy flowers on my way home – the ease of doing that is something I have always wanted from a home.


Lowlights of the Month:

Still not having a sofa

We still don’t have a sofa. Watching TV has become a physical pain as we sit on the floor or the one comfy-but-not-really chair we have. I’ve been so excited for a while now to start decorating the apartment, but feel it’s jumping the gun a bit until we have a sofa, and hard to picture what should go where.

I would just really like to come home after a day of work and settle down on the sofa, and maybe be able to watch TV while sitting on the same piece of furniture as my boyfriend. I didn’t move country to have us perched awkwardly on singular chairs at different heights!

Not as much travel

I can hardly really complain about this as things were really full-on throughout June to August. The ‘come down’ was always going to happen as settling in/staying put in Toronto and saving money (after having spent so much of it for everything you need to move) takes priority. We still managed to squeeze in our weekend camping trip and have done a few things around Toronto, like a dinner cruise and going to a football game (I do mean soccer but will still forever stick with saying it the English way).

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What I’ve Been Reading:

I’ve been really bad this month. I’ve barely read anything, which is upsetting for me but probably mostly my dad, a book fiend. I’m still on Untold Story, the imagined tale of Princess Diana faking her death.

In terms of other bloggers, I’ve enjoyed The Travel Hack’s tips from her presentation at Blogstock (here’s Part 1 and Part 2). I couldn’t attend this year as it’s back in London, but when I went last year to this awesome blogger festival complete with workshops, socialising, morning yoga and tipis, it was so much fun and so good to hear from all these bloggers I’ve been following for ages. Nerd alert.

I’ve actually also been getting way into Career Girl Daily’s inspirational lessons/quotes from certain celebrities. I’m not a massive celebrity follower (at least, not so much to make it my entire life and talking point), but there are some I respect and love their quotes which I think could really help with changing society’s attitudes to women and opportunities. My favourites have been Olivia Wild and Jennifer Lawrence.

On this topic, I’ve loved Stylist’s Inspirational Feminist Quotes. I wish I saw more of these around and can never pass up an opportunity to read a collection of empowering (and funny) quotes.

What’s Next?

Well, a sofa. Yay.

Also, I’m going to New York next weekend! I’ll be seeing a few friends, including one of my absolute best friends and loveliest person in the world, Sarah, who I know from university and lives in the UK but is visiting Irish family who live in the States. I cannot wait to explore NYC with her, catch up and sing Taylor Swift songs all day (sadly I only get one day with her).

Then it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, which isn’t as big a deal in Canada as it is in the US – but I’m excited to get a day off work and celebrate as best we can nonetheless/freak out because I definitely can’t cook a turkey.

Otherwise, it’s more saving and exploring Toronto, and hopefully regrouping with planning a couple of trips.

We’ve also got my boyfriend’s parents visiting this weekend so hopefully we have enough local knowledge to show them around!

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