Monthly Update: March 2016

March has been crazy.

I quit my job (because I was unhappy in it, not in order to sell everything and travel), went dog sledding, visited the Cayman Islands, had my writing published in a couple of places I love and got a new family member. On the other side of things, I’ve panicked about unemployment and have come down with a cold/cough twice this month, unheard of for me (I type as I sniffle away in between ugly coughing fits, ugh).

Celebrating the birth of my nephew

Celebrating the birth of my nephew

Where I’ve Been:

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Caribbean

Toronto – Canada

Highlights of the Month:

I’m an Auntie!

I now have a beautiful little nephew named Finn, born on 27th March and I couldn’t be happier for my sister and her husband! He arrived nearly three weeks early but that now means I have to wait a month to meet him rather than the anticipated two weeks and I’m not sure I can contain the excitement.

It’s so strange to be away, living abroad, at such an important family event – and a first for our small family! But I’m so happy that I’ll be able to meet little Finn when I visit in London and I can’t wait to give my wonderful sister a big hug! She’s going to make an amazing mum.

Getting some sun in the Cayman Islands

Taking a winter break from the Canadian cold and visiting a Caribbean island for the first time was a very happy time of the month. We ate gloriously, tried new things like scuba diving, got embarrassingly burnt from the first day and explored Grand Cayman in the beautiful sunshine.

More posts are to come!

Smith Cove - Cayman Islands

Dog sledding in Ontario

I LOVED THIS. Seriously cannot explain well enough how much fun this was (which is why I haven’t managed to publish a blog post about it yet) and the fact that I didn’t have to get on a plane to do it was awesome.

The dogs are incredibly lively and fun, learning how to drive the sled was amazing and the scenery and sunny day couldn’t have been better!


I got published on the Huffington Post

This is something I’ve wanted to achieve for a while which finally happened this month! It makes me very proud that it’s on something that means a lot to me, women travelling solo and my experiences after my first solo travel trip in Central America last year.

It’s definitely scary, but also exhilarating. If you want to do it, go for it (and maybe start a little smaller than I did…)

Lowlights of the Month:

Sick, again?!

WHY?! I came down with a horrible cold during my last week of work right before going to the Cayman Islands, just about enjoyed getting healthy again, and I’m struck down again :(

I know, there are way bigger problems in the world, but I just don’t want to be ill so soon again! I’ve usually had a pretty good immune system, so I’m totally blaming Toronto for this. Whenever I had colds before, it’s normally just a little sniffle, but these three colds (one also back in December) have been horrendous. Stop it, Toronto! Stop it now!

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What I’ve Been Writing:

What to do in the Cayman Islands

Thoughts on Stingray City, Cayman Islands

5 Essential Bucket List Experiences in Australia – Bloglovin’ Travel

Women Can and Should Experience the Freedom of Travelling Alone – Huffington Post

What I’ve Been Reading:

Why is travelling alone still considered a risky, frivolous pursuit for women? – The Guardian

“The World is your Oyster” – But not for Everyone – The Well-Travelled Postcard

Why I Chose not to be a Digital Nomad – The Travel Hack

In terms of books, I’ve finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and loved it. It’s full of great tips but mainly just changing your attitude about things and both taking life seriously but not seriously at all, a sentiment I like when I’ve always felt there are so many contradictions within myself and the world.

Now I’m on to On the Road by Jack Kerouac, simply because it’s a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while but have heard mixed reviews so we’ll see!

What’s next?

On Friday 1st April we’re heading to a wedding near Philadelphia of one of my boyfriend’s childhood friends. We’ll be flying into Newark and renting a car because that was far cheaper than flying to Philly, funnily enough. This is the first wedding I’ll be attending of someone around my age which has me a little like ‘whaaaaaaat’. Are we all really growing up?!

The rest of the month I’ll be continuing the search to find a new job I’ll love, or at least one that won’t make me so crazy and frustrated. I’m also going to attempt to not get a cold the whole month. I know, real goals right there.

Then on the 27th April I’ll be flying back home to London to visit my family and meet my new baby nephew, Finn! Eeeeeeeeeek. I’ll be reacquainting myself with London again too, so follow along on Instagram (@kpowley) where I’ll be posting my beautiful home city.



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