Monthly Update: June 2016

June has been a fairly quiet month, but one with an awful lot of highs and lows. Life is a roller coaster and all that. After some initial excitement due to my boyfriend’s birthday and one of my best friends from the UK visiting us with her boyfriend, it was time for a good rest and lay low until livelier times ahead. Then Brexit happened. And you know, things just took a bit of a nosedive!

I guarantee more fun in July, but nevertheless, this is my monthly update for June!


Where I’ve Been:

Toronto, Canada

Highlights of the Month:

Having UK friends visit

So one of my best friends from university and her boyfriend came to visit and stay with me and my boyfriend in Toronto for a week. I can’t even express how nice it is to have a friend make the effort to come and visit you while you live in a different country – because as fun as it is, it’s lovely to know you’re still being thought of and to be reunited with home comforts.


Lowlights of the Month:

UK referendum to leave the EU

I have to say, I’m thoroughly disappointed by this and it really had an effect on my mood. I voted by proxy (I organised to have my family vote on my behalf while I’m here in Canada) for Remain and followed the news with shock… I won’t get into the politics of it all here because frankly, we all have other things we need to do today, but it upsets me that the UK has decided to be inward-looking and cut itself off from working together with other countries to make the world a better place.

Lack of travel

The need to save money/find a job has meant that bigger travel plans are not on the cards as of yet and as someone who is always looking for new places to go, this is a bummer. I know, I know, I went home to London for a bit in April/May, I’m living in a new place so there are local things to do and I know it’s hardly the worst thing to deal with (see above point), so I’m trying to keep that lack of travel sadness in perspective. It’s also important to see that having a travel blog as an ordinary person doesn’t always mean constant travel – there are quiet times too, and that’s ok.

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What I’ve Been Writing:

Very little! The job search has rather taken me away from blog work.

Ottawa Tulip Festival

Monthly Update: May 2016

What I’ve Been Reading:

Slang Words: What Do Canadians Say? – Huffington Post

I’ve got to keep up and blend in with these Canadian folk…

How To Travel Maldives on a Budget – Journalist on the Run

Interesting read and definitely something to consider. I love travel posts that widen horizons and break down misconceptions like this.

Everything else I’ve been reading has genuinely been Brexit stuff, which I won’t bother you with on here as I don’t want this blog to get too political (I’d feel like I was tricking you with travel only to force politics on you), as much as I’d love to talk about it. One bit of reading I will leave you with, however, is this: Why the UK’s EU Referendum is Undemocratic – Emotional Intelligence at Work

What’s Next?

While most June was pretty quiet, July will get a bit more active. We’re going to our first camping festival, WayHome, and then meeting up with my boyfriend’s parents in the Finger Lakes in New York for some lakeside relaxing and wine tasting.

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