Monthly Update: July 2016

First half of July was quiet, second half has been busy with a festival and wine tasting in the Finger Lakes with the boyfriend’s parents. I’m happy things have picked up a little as even though I really, truly thought I was a ‘relaxation’ person, turns out I quite like being busy and having things to do – it keeps this little mind of mine distracted from squirreling away on pointless things when it gets bored!

Where I’ve Been:

Toronto, Canada

Watkins Glen/Finger Lakes, New York, USA


Kayaking on the Toronto Islands

I liked this so much I did a post on it.

WayHome Music Festival

WayHome was awesome – I finally got to see Arcade Fire, who were every bit as amazing as I thought they would be. I saw LCD Soundsystem, HAIM, Chvrches and got all nostalgic with The Killers. And I finally got to have the camping festival experience – although I’ve been to others, they’ve either been day festivals or stay-at-an-airbnb festivals, like Osheaga in Montreal last year. Blog posts to come!

Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen

This beautiful slice of New York state may have only been a few days ago, but it’s firmly a highlight. It made me realise how much I love little hikes (this one isn’t too harrowing in the grand scheme of things) and oh, how I missed natural scenery. More of that in my life, please?



I hate money, or the fact that you need so much of it to do the things you like. That’s what you get especially in pricey downtown Toronto, though, and since back in London when I was constantly saving for flights to visit my Boston-based boyfriend, I know I’m good at saving and budgeting (or can be when I put my mind to it). So I worry, but have hope. I also hope that none of this will ever matter again when I win the lottery or get ‘discovered’ and become filthy rich for some talent I don’t even know I have yet…

Missing home

It’s weird, I didn’t actually think I’d miss London or my family or friends that much. Which sounds mean, so let me expand: when I studied abroad in Australia it was pretty much fine, but then that was only for 6 months and I was always surrounded by people and having the time of my life.

While Toronto hasn’t been utter rubbish, it also hasn’t been the time of my life, and I’ve now been here a year – this is fine on its own, but knowing that there’s actually still a year to go is bumming me out. This is only halfway through and it’s been a complete roller coaster already, in some good ways and in some bad ways. And when I think that, I honestly do just want to be back in London and with my family and friends.

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What I’ve Been Reading:

My 100 Best Travel Tips From Five Years of Travelling the World – Never-Ending Footsteps

I always enjoy Lauren’s posts and their style. This one is no exception, with personal anecdotes and good tips.

Being Naked and Being Human – Flora the Explorer

Another favourite blog, I loved Flora’s observations about the sculptures in Oslo’s Frogner Park. I’m really not an expert about art in the slightest and don’t often feel too connected to it, but just reading Flora’s thoughts was fascinating – and I couldn’t help but smile about her bravery in her revealing (ha) she would be partaking in a human art installation in the UK.

15 Ways to Feel Like You’ve Got Your Shit Together – Absolutely Lucy

I really do enjoy Lucy’s blog and her friendly, normal-person (in a good way!) attitude. This post is something that resonated with me when I came across it a few weeks ago as I really don’t feel like I have my shit together in life at the moment. It’s these things that Lucy suggests in her post, the simple, little things, that you need to remember in those moments to just get you calm again.

The Thing about Travel Blogging – The Little Backpacker

Sigh. Yes, yes yes. So much of the time, Jodie expresses things I feel about travel blogging and the contradictions it can bring. This post considers a few things like niche, writing what you love, the problem with not blogging full time and your readers – and hits the nail on the head for me.

In terms of books, I’ve officially given up on On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Just not my thing. So now I’m on to a trusted writer and finally reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I’ve also been given a couple of books by my boyfriend’s mum so hold on tight, things are about to get wild…!

What I’ve Been Writing:

Monthly Update: June 2016

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Kayaking the Toronto Islands

Thoughts on Losing and Making Friends

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My One Year Anniversary Living in Toronto, Canada


What’s Next?

Ah, welcome to a few boring months ahead. I genuinely have nothing planned over the rest of the summer, possibly the first time in forever. I’ll be keeping my head down saving money so I can afford the autumn/winter/2017 adventures I have lined up and in mind, because I’m a normal person who needs money to travel and still has rent and all sorts of those lovely things to pay.

While I’m doing that I’ll be trying to entertain myself with some personal challenges, like writing more (online and off), reading more, generally using more creative headspace – so there will still be plenty of content on here. I also want to keep exercising and hopefully learn French, finally? (I put a question mark as I sort of doubt my ability to do this!)


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