Monthly Update: October 2016

It seems a bit silly to still go ahead with the October monthly update when it’s so late in November and all I want to do is talk about November adventures (stay tuned for posts on my birthday trip to The Bahamas!) but I can’t simply skip a month once I’ve committed to doing these monthly updates.

And as October was so long ago and I can’t really figure how to introduce a month I can’t quite recall the events of quite yet, let’s get right into it…

Where I’ve Been:


Algonquin National Park


Road trip to Algonquin

Algonquin National Park is a beautiful area full of woods, wildlife and lakes about a 3 hour drive from Toronto. We only did a day trip, starting at about 5am and hiked a couple of trails. The autumn colours had me completely mesmerised especially considering I’m not that much of an autumn-loving person! Check out the blog post on Algonquin here.

Algonquin, Canada

Canadian Thanksgiving

We didn’t do too much for it – essentially just made some pulled pork (so not even the traditional turkey) and made autumn-inspired cocktails including a maple and whisky themed one which was really delicious. It’s just nice to recognise and do your little thing to be part of a tradition in your adopted country.

Nuit Blanche

I’m not sure how much this is an actual highlight, but it was good to experience. Nuit Blanche is an annual event in Canada where art installations are placed all around the city and free to view from sunset to sunrise.

Of course, a lot of people take this as a “Let’s gut druuuunk around art, woooo” type thing, so it was pretty loud and crowded and unfortunately it can lead to people defacing some of the art which really sucks – for the art/artists and for the idea that people are decent – but if you put that to the side, it’s a nice thing to plan which installations you’re most interested in and walk around them.



Honestly, I’m not going to do whole paragraphs for October as it’s long gone and there wasn’t anything stand-out, just the usual things, and I don’t want to bore anyone with that!

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What Next?

So, uh, “what next?” is pretty much the past now as it’s over halfway through November, but we celebrated my birthday early in Toronto, then headed to The Bahamas for my actual birthday. My boyfriend is going to Thanksgiving in Boston with his family which unfortunately I won’t be able to join as funds mean I must work up until I head to London for Christmas!

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