Monthly Update: November 2016

November was overall pretty awesome, being my birthday month complete with a long needed trip – to the Bahamas! Honestly, I could get used to the island life… but here I am back in Toronto, lusting after the 26-degree-average, salty hair lifestyle (although when am I not?). Here’s what I got up to in November 2o16…


Where I’ve Been:

Toronto, Canada

Nassau & Exuma Cays, The Bahamas



It’s not hard to pinpoint my number one highlight of the month… clearly it was spending my birthday in The Bahamas! I love birthdays and – unless you count last year when I was living in Toronto – I’ve never spent my birthday abroad. I tend to spend my birthday with my family (we have plenty of fun traditions and who makes more of a fuss of you than the people who made you?) and although it was very strange not to have them around this year, I’ll definitely consider more birthdays away if they’re anything like a birthday in the Bahamas.



I didn’t like Nassau. Sorry Nassau. Yes, we only spent one night and about one and a half days there (forcefully, as Westjet changed our flight to depart the day before we booked it for) so I’m sure it has some redeeming/nice qualities, but I thoroughly didn’t enjoy people attempting to scam me left right and centre and the tourist-centric vibe.

Politics/What the world is coming to

I won’t spend long on this, but I also refuse to pretend it didn’t happen and everything is fine – Trump won and that’s, well, frankly insane. Nevertheless, it highlights that this world is shifting ideologically (given things like Brexit in my own home country, for instance) for many, many reasons and apparently needs some TLC. What a bummer of an election.

Most Popular Instagram:


The swimming pigs were a huge hit – here’s my post on visiting these cuties!


My Instagram Pick:




What Next?

So, yes, yet again I’ve only published my monthly update halfway through the next month, but, well, Christmas shopping and the likes took over. But… today I’m headed back to London (UK) for Christmas! Yay! Follow along on Instagram for what I get up to.



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