Postcard Perfect

I love postcards. On my travels, I’ll be that person torn between this sunset skyline or that night skyline, chickening out of asking for a stamp in the local language, and searching for a postbox. Whether I send them, receive them, or keep them for myself, postcards are great little momentos. (Most recently uploaded on top as I’ll keep updating the page and I want you to not have to scroll!)



Osaka, Japan. A parents on World Cruise postcard again. The architecture of Japanese buildings like this fascinate me. And those cherry blossoms… (also looks like this postcard was made for an Instagram photo)



Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. Of course, knowing me, I start off with an Aussie postcard. This is from when my parents took off on a World Cruise. My dad had been so keen to show my mum Australia (and the Great Barrier Reef) since we went there in 2009, and as she’s scared of flying, a cruise was a perfect compromise. They loved it, and found it unlike anywhere else they’ve ever seen – and they’ve seen a lot!

I also have a massive appreciation for Australian stamps as well. England should take some inspiration.