Beautiful Norway: Skjolden’s Hikes & Waterfalls

The stop in Skjolden on our cruise was my dad’s birthday! And an important one at that, but I’ll keep that information inside the family.

If he wanted a relaxing day, I’m not sure he really managed to get that… sorry! We ended up on a walk for the best viewpoint in Skjolden, and then climbing up the rocks of a waterfall. It was all quite the adventure.


Our first walk was very pretty, with views of farms, waterfalls in the distance, sliding down the vast fjords into the mirror-image water. We walked past lupins and other wildflowers – flora I’ve become obsessed with lately and will now publicly claim has joined the clan of my favourite flowers (already in the club: sunflowers and orchids. FYI, in case you ever want to send me something pretty).


The view at the top was lovely, over the town and the fjords. We could see a couple of cruise ships, including our own, the Caribbean Princess, and the path through the fjords that had lead us to the dock.


On the way back down, me and my brother in law talked about how we wanted to get as close as possible to one of the many waterfalls we had seen on the way. I don’t think we quite realised we’d get our wish as fulfilled as we did… but either way, it would have been totally worth it for the view across the water. Everything about it was stunning, from the reflection in the water and the waterfall in the distance.


So that was our moment of peace until we found a waterfall. Skipping over a fence clearly already tampered with, we ventured up to the waterfall and stood right next to it. People were coming down from higher up, so we went to investigate, intrigued.

You couldn’t walk up to the top of the waterfall, but a good distance from the bottom to really get the feel of the height and overlook the surrounding area. It was very slippery and I immediately regretted changing shoes with my sister, whose converse were hurting her and needed the support of my hiking boots… little did we know we’d be climbing up a waterfall.


My parents were complete troopers the whole time when I’m sure they’d have preferred not to have so much slightly life-threatening adventure, but I think we all were pretty pleased with the day when we sat in a cafe opposite the waterfall and sipped on some (shockingly expensive) Norwegian beer.


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