Monthly Update: April 2016

I’ll start this April update with two apologies: 1) it’s quite a few days late, and 2) I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog lately.

This isn’t so much a lack of motivation but rather feeling like every waking moment should be focused on the job hunt (or purely relaxing after beavering away on it). I can’t believe it’s already May (as much as you can’t believe something that happens year after year…) so I’m going to turn things around for the next half of the year.

After the mental March where I quit my job, went to the Cayman Islands, got my writing published in the Huffington Post and gained a new family member (a beautiful nephew), April was bound to be less hectic. Here’s what I got up to…

Where I’ve Been:

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

Highlights of the Month:

Meeting my nephew

I became an aunt! I’m so proud of my sister and her husband and I could barely contain my excitement at meeting my nephew, Finn. He’s absolutely adorable and I’ve learned more about babies in the last week than I have in a lifetime! Can’t wait to see the little dude grow up – I’ll spoil him rotten (if he ever grows up to read this blog, I’m sure I’ll be held accountable to that).

Being in London again

I do love London. I’ve definitely had my bumpy, up and down relationship with it, but after living in Toronto for eight months, I’m even more convinced that there’s no city like London.

To see the majestic sights of Big Ben, London Eye and St Paul’s as well as the gritty street art and awesome cafes – especially in combination with catching up with family and friends – has really reminded me how special London is. I may fall in love with Toronto yet, but at least for now, London comes top.

Lowlights of the Month:

Job hunting

It’s pretty much like a full time job in itself, but one that really sucks and you don’t get paid for it (duh). I don’t regret my decision to quit my previous job even though it obviously comes with a few, ahem, financial disadvantages, but I’m determined for things to turn around and things will work out in the end. Let’s do this!

Most Popular Instagram:

My Instagram Pick:

What I’ve Been Writing:

As I said earlier, this month has seen quite the drop in blog activity.

Dog Sledding in Ontario, Canada

Moving Abroad Can Be Elating, Sad, Shocking – And Totally Worth It (Huffington Post)

What I’ve Been Reading:

The Truth About Travelling Solo… I’m Over It – Paper Planes Blog

I’m all for supporting solo travel, but I’m even more for people choosing their own style of travel. Our tastes develop over time, so this post by Alana is really refreshing.

Why I Don’t Want to Travel Full-Time – My Feet are Meant to Roam

Yes, yes, yes! I get frustrated with all the articles and posts about how living nomadic is the best thing ever and working (in one place) full-time is a waste of a life so I love this post. It’s ok to love travel but not want to do it full-time and enjoy having a base. It doesn’t make you less of a traveller, either!

25 Things It Took Me 25 Years to Learn – Ashley Abroad

Simply, I love this as reflecting over travels and life is something I enjoy doing a lot.

What’s next?

I’m back in Toronto from my visit to London and will be heading to Ottawa next weekend for the tulip festival – fingers crossed for good weather! Other than that, more exploring around Toronto and planning for more trips around Canada and the US.

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