Bucket List: Top Beaches to Visit on a Cruise

If you were asked what your ultimate idea of a relaxing holiday would be, what would pop into mind?

Here’s a suggestion: cruising from beach to beach. If you know me, you’ll know I love a cruise and think everyone should try one – the luxury but relaxed element of it is one of my favourite things. No need to worry about getting somewhere on time or how to get there, you just lay back, enjoy the journey, destinations and gourmet food.

And of course I don’t need to explain why beaches are relaxing.

Together, this is pretty ideal. So I’ve concocted a bucket list of beaches I’d like to visit on a cruise. Sometimes cruises get a bit of flack for not giving you enough time for the undiscovered, off-the-beaten-track places, but this shows you don’t need to go far on your sunshine cruise for some well earned sunshine and chilled out vibes.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach - Cayman Islands

I’ve been lucky enough to go this stretch of beach in the Cayman Islands. Seven Mile Beach is surprising in that you think it’ll be insanely touristy, and honestly, it is – but it’s seven miles (actually, fun fact, it’s not quite exactly seven miles) of beautiful beach with some of the best sand I’ve wriggled my toes in.

From the space on the beach to passing a friendly ray in the turqouise water and grabbing a drink at a restaurant bar, Seven Mile Beach gets a huge stamp of approval from me (someone who doesn’t like overly crowded or touristy things).

If you’re still not convinced, then also try Rum Point (book through Red Sail Sports to visit) which is much more laid back and quiet. Try the Mudslide cocktail!

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This is just one of those places that has to make the bucket list, and so accessible from a cruise to Rio. You can even to a whole South America world cruise jaunt and see tons of amazing beaches in the continent and the Caribbean (just planting the seed in your head…).

Copacabana – apart from conjuring a familiar song in your head – is world famous. I’d love to visit over New Years and take part in their celebrations which involve dressing in white, watching fireworks and maybe some running into the sea.

Calanques, France (between Marseille and Cassis)

calanques 2Source

This is a bit of a wild card because it’s not all about the actual beach. Marseille is a beautiful place, but if you’re more of a nature lover or simply want to escape the city, Calanques (try Calanque de Morgiou, Sormiou or Port-Miou) is about a half-hour train ride away from the city and lovely to visit (I’ve been told on good authority – hence why it’s on my bucket list!).

Calanques translates as “inlet” and a quick Google search will show you the dramatic beauty – this is where water is so clear and blue, you’ll realise how magical the Mediterranean really is.

Shelly and Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia

shelly beachSource

I couldn’t really choose between these places – again, I’ve picked a place I’ve already visited but I honestly think this is worth being on all the bucket lists and would be exceptional for a slightly alternative day in Sydney.

The special thing about visiting Manly is taking the ferry from Sydney (which takes barely any time at all) which gives you an incredible skyline view. In Manly, surf on Manly Beach, then walk along to Shelly Beach which is much smaller but very, very cute. All of this can be done in a day with a safe return back to the port in Sydney!

Tabyana Beach, Honduras

tabyana beach

This beach in Roatan is an alternative to the more crowded Mahogany Beach where most cruisers flock as it’s closer to the port. Perseverance pays off though, and you’ll have more of the snorkelling here to yourself on Tabyana; Roatan is known for its diving/marine life so that’s why this beach/Caribbean destination in particular has made the bucket list!


Have you been to beaches on a cruise? Where would you like to visit?


I worked with Iglu Cruise on this post, but all opinions and love of cruising is, of course, my own.








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