Monthly Update: February 2017

Time for another monthly update, this time for February 2017!


Where I’ve Been:

Toronto, Canada

Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada


Skiing in Ontario


I think when most people think of skiing in Canada, their mind goes to Whistler, B.C. – which is fair, it’s probably the best out there (sadly I’ve not experienced it given I’m about a 5 hour flight away on the other side of Canada). But there are also places to ski in my current home, in the province of Ontario, so a weekend skiing for the likes of Torontonians is well and truly possible (just like dog sledding as I found out last year). With that in mind, we headed to the Blue Mountains.

It was actually strangely warm at this point in February, so there wasn’t much snow, but the moment I put on skis, I don’t care about anything else as long as I still have the ability to enjoy the activity.

Settling in at work

I mentioned last month that I got a job as the Content Coordinator for TourRadar’s online magazine, Days to Come, and it’s been great to settle into the role, gain a few more responsibilities and basically just find my groove. The people I work with are a fun, friendly bunch of people and very social, so the fact that I get to hang out with them every day while I do something I want to do is something I don’t take for granted.

Amazing cocktails in Toronto

Myself and Alan aren’t real big celebrators of Valentine’s Day, but that’s not to say we won’t take the excuse to go out. We decided we’d finally check out BarChef, a really incredible cocktail bar in Toronto that’s renowned around the world for its inventive cocktail experience. We had cocktails that smoked with an “essence” (mine was a beach essence to go with the fancy mojito I ordered) and something to eat that complemented the cocktail of your choice.

I will write more about this place, but you know how you expect a place that’s been talked up so much to be disappointing in reality? Yeah, BarChef is every bit as good as you hear about.


Lack of travel

I mean, a big first world problem here, but this is always the case when I’ve been in one country for a few months: I get restless, start spending all my free time imagining incredible adventures I’d love to be on. While that’s pretty fun to daydream about, it’s also a bit of a downer when you realise you can’t make them all come true right away, due to money or time off or simply getting someone to look after your pets!

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What Next?

March doesn’t have much in store, more settling into a routine, saving up money, exploring more of Toronto and continuing to plan our June trip to the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island. It may not sound exciting but not every month is all the time!

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