Monthly Update: March 2017

March has been that annoying month where you feel things should be better, less wintery, but it still persists (at least here in Toronto). Weather has a huge effect on my mood, so this has sort of made the month drag on and feel a bit boring – that and the obvious fact that I haven’t travelled anywhere! But patience is a virtue and all of that, and later this spring and summer will be worth it.

Where I’ve Been

Toronto, Canada


St Paddy’s Day

This was a hell of a lot of fun as I had an event with work and, although parts are missing from my memory, I had a very good time getting to know my colleagues better, playing games and heading out in Toronto to a couple of bars.

A plan to be healthier

My constant efforts to lead a healthier life only to succumb to delicious snacks has been a struggle, but in March I’ve felt like things have slightly pieced together a bit more. Not completely – I still can’t resist a doughnut at work or buying a chocolate bar or pick’n’mix at the weekend – but I think that’s ok and will keep me sane in the long run. I no longer get a family sized bag of ketchup flavoured crisps (I don’t know what you put in that stuff, Canada, but it’s honestly addictive) every week or so, I have at least one vegetarian meal and two fish meals every week, exercise to start my day (which I’ve been in the habit of doing for a while now) and have a smoothie and green tea every morning. There’s more I do and more I could do, but I’m happier to be taking a bit more care over my body.


Missing family

In March, my parents returned from their three-month South America cruise – while I’ve stayed up to date with their amazing travels while they’ve been gone, I was sad not to be around for the day they came back. Especially as it coincided with the UK’s Mother’s Day, too. A couple of days after this, it was my nephew’s first birthday and I was able to see everyone there celebrating our newest family member’s special day except me. I can’t get too upset about this as it was my choice to move to Canada which inevitably means missing events, but it does cause a pang or two in the heart every now and again.

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What I’ve Been Reading

Honestly, I’ve really been lacking with reading other blogs. I’ve read my usual favourites, but otherwise, I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately in that respect. Sometimes it’s good to have a break from reading other blogs when you have your own too, to take your mind off it and stop comparing yourself against others and what you ‘should’ be doing.

I have been busy with books, though. Some work friends jokingly suggested Sophie’s Choice for a book club novel and somehow we ended up doing it – well, we all intended to but turns out I was the only one who finished it (seems like my English Literature degree taught me something – it’s now too painful to buy a book and not read it). I thought it was a good book – quite depressing, and very long-winded in the middle – but fascinating in terms of life post-World War 2 and well-written.

I also finished a book my dad bought me for Christmas, The Improbability of Love, which is centred around a painting and focuses on the people who encounter it. Although I enjoy museums and galleries, I’ve never been knowledgeable in the art world and a lot of it goes over my head, but it was interesting to dive into a world entirely not my own. I do feel it was a bit too lengthy in the middle and rushed at the end, though.

What Next?

April is again, boringly, about saving up and sorting out our plans for May and June. I now have it confirmed that a few of my best friends are coming to visit me in Toronto in May, so there’s more prep to happen!

I’ll also be doing the CN Tower climb this weekend, Saturday 8th April (you can donate to me here if the urge strikes you!) – 144 flights and over 1,700 steps. Ooof. And over the Easter weekend, we’ll have my boyfriend’s family coming to Toronto.

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  • Rosie says:

    I’ve felt pretty similar about March this year – it felt like spring was taking forever to arrive this year and the grey days were never-ending! Missing special events and just being around friends and family is something that takes its toll on me every now and again, but I guess it’s part and parcel of living abroad. On the flip side, it’s always fun showing friends and family round your new city :)

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